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Why couples use our gift registry

Gifting made easy

Your very own customizable, online wedding gift registry, designed to make life a little easier. Create your own registry from the comfort of your home.

A treasure trove

Because we care about giving you the best and we know you like having options! Browse through an extensive collection of high-quality products, specifically curated to meet your needs.


We also feature an exciting collection of overseas excursions and weekend getaways in our paradise island because we believe that memories are an invaluable gift that lasts a lifetime.


Planning a wedding is stressful enough. At SA we provide you with a free-to-use platform that allows you to create and customize your own personal gift registry, and use all the services provided on this site free of charge.

Signed, sealed & delivered

A hassle-free gifting process where we take care of everything for you! Signed, packaged and delivered to a location of your choosing. Delivery is complementary! Terms & Conditions apply.

Everybody’s two-cents

Loved ones can also use our Pooling function to contribute towards high value items or exotic getaways allowing for luxury items to become a reality!

It’s a piece of cake

Your guests will love you more than they already do! Present a curated registry where guests can select and purchase a gift for you, from the comfort of their homes in just five clicks!

The world is our oyster

Loved ones shall not be left behind! Especially if overseas. Loved ones can purchase gifts for you from anywhere in the world.

You’re safe with us

Secure online payment transactions via Sampath Bank payment gateway.

Time is precious

We like being punctual.

Silver Aisle has over
2,000 products from
40 of Sri Lanka's
finest brands

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Silver Aisle has over 2,000 products
from 40 of Sri Lanka's finest brands

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